E-rostering and engaged employees

A time-consuming task

For health organisations, creating  schedules that fit  staffing requirements can be a time-consuming task. Especially during a pandemic, when absenteeism is significantly higher than usual, creating  fool-proof schedules  is nearly impossible. In most cases because of last minute shift changes and shift swaps  schedules rarely remain unchanged  after they are  published,. The effect of this process is a lot of unnecessary work for the staff planner.

Using Excel to schedule  employees adds to that problem. Excel based solutions offer  little management oversight, and make it difficult to process employees’ preferences in the roster.. Because of these disadvantages more and more healthcare organisations are swapping Excel for  more advanced and specialized scheduling software.

Improvements with e-rostering

Using our e-rostering software the scheduling process will become easier, time spent on creating  schedules will drastically decrease.  Employees can log in using their  computer or device, and select available shifts pre-defined by management. By giving employees more control over their  schedules, they feel more involved in the organisation. This generally leads to increased commitment, and creates empowered employees. At the same time, this saves  staff planners a significant amount of  time and work.

Next to making the scheduling process more efficient, e-rostering also brings a clear overview of staffing levels across the organisation. All the staffing information is brought together in one central location, rather than in different Excel sheets. Clear numbers on sickness, absenteeism, staff skill mix and shifts swaps can  easily be retrieved. The software can point to shifts which are in need of intervention from the planner. More informed decisions can be made regarding staff and future rosters. This results in increased flexibility and less reliance on temporary staff..

Patients’ care

When combining the increased overview management has because of e-rostering, with empowered employees, patients’ care will also improve.  Employees can choose  shifts, which fit their preferences, and will come to work more motivated.. With e-rostering, aligning capacity with demand is made easier,  decreasing instances of staff shortages. Ultimately this creates a situation where there is more and better care for patients.

With the Self-rostering Factory, We facilitate the process of teams working together to create  effective rosters. The benefits self-rostering brings to patients, hospital staff, and management are too large to ignore.


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