What is self-rostering?

The term 'self-rostering' is often haphazardly used to describe all types of situations where employees have a say in their schedule. Real self-rostering, however, is unique. Each employee makes their own schedule, while the roster for the whole team is decided by the team as a whole.
Self-rostering was first developed in Sweden, for the healthcare sector. Compared to other methods, self-rostering gives employees more input regarding their personal working hours.


Self-rostering combines increased input from employees regarding their own working hours with meeting their organization’s occupancy requirements. At The Self-rostering Factory, we specialise in this kind of self-rostering, which brings about considerable changes in culture and behaviour for all involved. Managers and planners must learn to let go, and share the scheduling responsibility with their teams and employees. The Self-rostering Factory helps organisations not only with the technical implementation of this new methodology, but also with the required culture shift. This new way of working then leads to sustainable improved performance.

The self-rostering trend

More than ever, companies need flexibility to make sure their available workforce is deployed as efficiently as possible

Self-rostering was developed in Sweden to help employees improve their work-life balance. Each person is different, and so are their preferences regarding working hours. Younger generations have different views on work and personal life compared with older generations, and group schedules cannot accommodate every kind of employee when it comes to their personal wishes.

Some employees have problems with morning shifts, others with night shifts. What people can handle physically and socially differs per person, and being able to choose the shifts that suits you best contributes to improved health and well-being for employees and a more sustainable workforce for employers.

In our opinion, self-rostering represents a breakthrough in workforce management, made possible by advances in technology. The right software solutions give every employee a chance to participate.