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Are you looking to find and retain the right people in a challenging labour market? When the sustainable employability of your ageing workforce is already a major headache, how can you solve this in the years to come?

Employer branding

How do you make your organisation more attractive to the talent you are looking for? Do you have a good proposition that helps you tap into all available target groups? Many HR professionals notice differences between today's employees and the new generation that is flexible, used to arranging affairs last minute, attached to a work-life balance, and no longer focused on a job for life. If your candidates belong to this group, what will you offer to attract and retain them for as long as possible? A good work-life balance is fundamental, facilitating working hours that suit their preferences. Self-rostering is the answer.

Flexible deployment

Core employees can often be deployed more flexibly than is currently the case. So, why not do it? Particularly in times of crisis, permanent employees are asked to step up in order to get the work done. However, flexibility works both ways. What you ask for, you should offer in return - for example, by giving employees maximum control over their working hours. Agree on a solid overall approach, then aim for sustainable flexibility with your core employees.

Employee health

Creating rosters can be difficult when your workforce belongs to the same age group, where employees are getting older and share similar educational backgrounds and work experience. While adapting workloads can help keep aging employees healthy and therefore keep absenteeism to a minimum, this is difficult to organise within a system of collective schedules. With tailored self-rostering, individualised working hours that better align with each employee's abilities and limits become a real possibility. Everyone is involved in the division of labour, and individual preferences can be structurally accommodated. Self-rostering can therefore be a part of a preventative and corrective strategy aimed at reducing absenteeism.

Self-rostering is a "game changer"

Self-rostering is a “game changer” that you, as an HR-official, can introduce to help your organisation become a sustainable employer. Self-rostering is a culture change that contributes to an inclusive organisation where occupancy challenges are resolved by employees and employers together.

Discover the benefits

  • Employer branding
  • Flexible deployment
  • Improving employee fitness

Our self-rostering services


Try-out Self-rostering

A year-long guided introduction to self-rostering, with no further obligation.
  • Active client involvement
  • Feasibility study
  • 1 year software and support
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Professional Self-rostering

Self-rostering implemented throughout your organisation following a successful pilot.
  • Pilot with opt-out
  • Implementation organisation-wide
  • 3 year software and support
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Data-driven Self-rostering

We take over all your workforce planning for a period of three years. All your planning costs will be transparent and scalable.
  • Feasibility study
  • KPI-based takeover of your workforce planning
  • 3 year software and support
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