You're an executive

You are constantly looking for ways to make your organisation successful, now and in the future. You want to transition to a lean and mean organisation with committed employees. You need flexibility to scale up and down when situations ask for it. Self-rostering contributes to sustainable flexible deployment and thus to an agile organisation.


Many organisations work with fixed, traditional cyclic rosters for positions that are time and place-bound. The amount of work expected is the key to positive results. If that quantity suddenly changes, for example due to a crisis, the occupation suddenly no longer fits. While creating and implementing a new schedule is very time-consuming, self-rostering allows for shorter plan periods, which means workforce availability can be adapted much more frequently when markets ask for it.

Committed employees

A large proportion of employees work irregular hours based on a schedule created by planners or managers. In many organisations, the influence of individual employees is limited or even non-existent. Collective agreements never work for everyone, and planners are overloaded with shift change requests, and the schedule's intended efficiently is never reached. The sum of individual preferences regarding working hours does not automatically lead to the number of employees that are needed. Self-rostering is a planning methodology that covers demand while simultaneously improving job satisfaction among employees.

Sustainable flexibility

In traditional work schedules for permanent employees, we often see that flexibility is achieved with extra shifts, longer duration of shifts (a.k.a. overtime), or hiring additional flex staff. In the case of less work, flexibility simply means letting go of temporary workers (the flexible shell). The organisation relies relatively little on the flexibility of core permanent employees. Self-rostering does exactly that, while also limiting overtime and the need for flex workers. Self-rostering makes flexibility a sustainable asset.

Self-rostering is a "game-changer"

Self-rostering is a new way to improve results, replacing traditional planning and scheduling methods. Giving employees control over their working hours changes existing culture and behaviour. Appropriate software is a must.

The Self-rostering Factory’s software solution facilitates this. Our specialists offer their support at every step of the implementation process, and of course after you get started.

Discover the benefits

  • Scalability
  • Happy workforce
  • Sustainable flexibility

Our self-rostering services


Try-out Self-rostering

A year-long guided introduction to self-rostering, with no further obligation.
  • Active client involvement
  • Feasibility study
  • 1 year software and support
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Most popular

Professional Self-rostering

Self-rostering implemented throughout your organisation following a successful pilot.
  • Pilot with opt-out
  • Implementation organisation-wide
  • 3 year software and support
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Data-driven Self-rostering

We take over all your workforce planning for a period of three years. All your planning costs will be transparent and scalable.
  • Feasibility study
  • KPI-based takeover of your workforce planning
  • 3 year software and support
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