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Selfrostering: a way to increase employee satisfaction and to decrease the costs

Self-rostering is a relatively new shift management method. It has gained popularity in the Scandinavian countries, and is now taking over the rest of Europe. However, as this is still a relatively new concept, not everyone is aware of the benefits, and how they can leverage these benefits. Self-rostering is also a method that does not work for everyone, and it can be challenging to implement it. We, as the experts on self-rostering, have written a whitepaper containing everything you need to know before getting started.

Firstly, what is self-rostering? Self-rostering is a way for shift workers to divide the schedules among themselves. It consists of three stages, after which the schedule is published. The employees have to work together in order to make the schedule fitting. Various research and our own experiences have proven that self-rostering can lead to happier employees, which will lead to more productive employees.

Interested in learning more about self-rostering? This whitepaper is a great introduction to self-rostering. It covers the different phases, the origin and the success factors to implementing. It also included various examples from different industries.

Download this whitepaper below!

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Download the whitepaper: 'Selfrostering: a way to increase employee satisfaction and to decrease the costs' here!